Monday, June 25, 2012

For Kakak From Umi

For a lil gal named Kakak
using my Miss QC...
A pencil box from her Umi
ice-creams.... hmmm... yummy!
She is Nur Ain Nabeelah..
my colleague's daughter...
another experiment... succeeded!
Let's see the pencil box....
tgk dr atas....
nak gantung pon boleh! ^^
Btw, TQVM Azlina for believing in my sewing skill.

p.s. Jeles anak daraku bila tgk pencil box ni... hehehe...
But she wants a dress!
Sabar yer Raina... 
Mama will sew it...
one day.....

More Birthday BOM - MAY & JUNE

What did I do while missing in action? 
These are some of my 'masterpieces' ^^

For May Birthday gal - Faridah Salim
which hasn't been posted yet
1. I was late
2. She's in America now for a couple of months
3. I'm making something extra for her.... more belated gift!
(err....baru perasan, no signature yet on d block.. cis!.)
The inspiration of this block is from January's Block by Quilt Dad.
It's called "Sands of Time Block".
Instead of 8.5"x8.5" unfinished, I modified to 12.5"x12.5" unfinished
but after measuring, still didn't get the exact 12.5"! Aduss!!!
So... maybe another try on this!
If you're interested, please visit HERE.

For June Birthday gal- Kak Pah (Sharifah Norizan)
It's called "Old Maids Puzzle"
A free pattern from Berrima Patchwork.
So easy tau!
If you want to put your hand on this pattern, go HERE.
No worry! If I could, you could do it too!

Next on the list.... July's Block! ^^

p.s. Which reminds me of my April's Block! 
Buat utk org lain tp yg sendiri punya tak buat2...;P

Pertandingan Gubahan Hari Koperasi

Every year, we celebrate Hari Koperasi in school. It's today! Kak Yati & I formed a group & took part in "Pertandingan Gubahan Coklat Wafer" for teachers. Well, this is the result.......
A red aeroplane...... on cloud nine... hahahaha....
The result? We got no. 2 taw!
err.... only 2 groups of teachers participated ler..... hihihihi....
Never mind la... The most important thing is.....
We've done our very best.
Betul tak Kak Yati ?
Kak Yati (in blue tudung) & I .....
alamak! I look so chubby lah pulak!
p.s. Credit to for the inspiration.
If you are interested to see the other 'gubahans' from,
please go HERE ya.