Sunday, January 1, 2012

HI 2012, BYE 2011

Do u have any new year resolution? Well, I'm not so sure whether I need a new year resolution as a lot from last year's list are still pending..... Sooooo... my new year resolution is to make sure all from the old list will be done aka finished aka completed by Dec 2012 plus a few additional resolutions added to motivate & assist myself.

Hmmm... what did I achieve in the world of crafting? Not as many as I'd like but towards the end of 2011, I did finish a few UFOs.... It's just that I'm too lazy to upload them here... errr... I can't upload ler coz still haven't snapped the photos yet... hehehe... Maybe next time.

I believe that 2011 is my unproductive year. I spent more time & energy on other matters. I neglected my sewing room & did something else... I was very much involved in my other world as well as in my quest to slim down. Do u know that my weight nearly reached 70kg early of the year! My health wasn't good too. I took action immediately & alhamdulillah.... I've shed a few kilos & my health is much better now. Hoping for more improvements in all aspects of life including sewing & crafting.
Yes! Yakin boleh!

Here I'd like to share a FREE HAPPY NEW YEAR CROSS STITCH PATTERN. I found the below pic HERE


Hey! I went to Kak Corine's house recently.. but that's going to be another story, kan? Do you know that I celebrated my 13th anniversary last month? Again, it's another story. Many stories, a lot of news... yet so little space, not much time... I think I'd wait till the right time comes..

p.s. Praying so hard for my younger sis, Yun right now. Pray for her speedy recovery ya..