Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ijan's Black & White

I promised my son, Ijan, that I'd make him a special pencil case.
3 requests from him....
It's black & white....
has 2 compartments...
and the ever popular "Monster Energy" on it!

At last, it's ready.....
(kalau tak, setiap hari tak senang duduk sbb ada org tuntut janji...hikss!)
This is it!
(sempoi jer...)

Like other kids, he likes "Monster Energy".
That's why I bought a motorcycle sticker
& sewed it on the pencil case.
(ni koje org malas nk gunting kain....hahaha...)
The wording "Monster Energy"?
In the dustbin.... coz too small...
(rosak masa jahit.... lantak ler...tak kuasa I)

Let's see from above.....

errr... OK kot ..... hehehe...

p.s. Yg penting Ijan suke.... ahak! ahak!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cotton Oh Cotton

I'll be having a week break! Heaven! Hoping so much to finish some projects before Chinese New Year next week because my Cik Abe (MCA) hinted that we're going to Kelantan.... hehehe... His cousin is going to marry a Kelantanese lady so this is definitely going to be our "Cuti2 Malaysia". Well, let me see which fabies to use.... I've tried my very best to quit purcashing unless it's necessary.... ouchh!! (blh caya ke ni?) The pics below are living proofs of my 2010 obsession... I'm only showing some of my collection tau! (blh buka kedai nih... hikss!)

From textile shops
(ni sbhgn jer tau)
I also bought online...
fabric designer fabrics are rare here in SP
Some of my fave....

all colours....

all sizes...

all designs...

all types...

all places...

all shapes...

all cotton...

all beauties...

all yummy...

all gorgeous...

All are part of my 2010 cotton collection. That's why I've reminded myself to use all of them for my 2011 projects! Maybe I was reluctant to cut & sew as I was a novice last year. (cantik sgt smpai sayang nk potong... hehehe..) This year, no more excuses or fears yer... My new year resolution is to produce whatever my heart wants... I'll sew whenever I want without forcing myself... These fabrics inspire me to look at the beautiful side of my world. That's why I love my world!

p.s. The beginning of 2011 was hideous but being surrounded by lovely people & materials has made 2011 the beginning of a fun & adventurous journey! I thank thee!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Why "R"?

Thanks for understanding..
thanks for sharing...
thanks for the advice & knowledge..
I really need 'em all at this moment.

That's why I picked up an unfinished project
and sewed this simple hp case
(dh lama potong tp dok pikir nk jahit camne lama sgt)
It looks ok but I wasn't happy with the "R"
the fabric for "R" was fragile...
the end result.... torn... adusss...
so I tried buttons... tak cun ler pulak..
I tried hand embroidery.... hancus sbb x reti... hikss..
& at last I tore d upper side of "R"..
just look below...
an eyesore, kn?
but i'm not mad coz at least d rest is fine.
If you see d other side..

oh! i love it..
(korang x suka pon takper, janji R suka)
but i hate what i did to "R"..
WHY "R"? WHY "R"?
This hp case is specially for R..
R is not for ROSH
(dh lama pikir nk buat ni tau utk kak Ros)

Err.. Kak Ros, if you see this, forgive me yer..
(sbb nk buat projek tergendala ni, tak dpt nk pos wallet yg siap tu.. huhuhu..)

p.s Any suggestion?

Sunday, January 23, 2011



(suke... suke.. suke..)



p.s. thanks IMAN.

Friday, January 21, 2011

I'm Lost

Not much sewing recently as I was struggling back to my daily routines. Workloads came in one by one. My days passed by without touching my beloved Singer.... :(

I've so many things to sew yet the moment I reach home, I become drowsy. I'm mentally & physically exhausted. Even my weekends are fully booked. All the cut & ironed fabrics are hopelessly waiting for me to assemble them together. I manage to touch & feel the texture of my fabies but that's all. Even my lil gal seems to guard me away from my sewing room. Does she feel that she has to compete with my Singer to get my attention? Yeah, it pained me when she complained. "Mama ni asyik2 mnjahit. " It even hurt me more coz she didn't mind not having a new dress or a new skirt as long as I didn't do anything. It did occur to me that I somehow became a failure in my quest to realise my dream. Is it true that I've spent more time sewing than with them? If it's true, then I'm the BIGGEST LOSER in balancing my life & love! :P

Guilt is all over me. I do feel ashamed & bad. The crave to sew is too much to handle but if I start sewing, I feel guilty. If I don't sew, I'll be guilty too. I've told myself to finish what I've started. Promises are to be kept, not to be broken. Just like in the poem by Robert Frost, The Road Not Taken. I must make a choice. (sigh!) :(

Hey, this is not going to be the end of the world! Maybe fatigue has overcome me & exhausted my whole system. Everything is about balance! I went to various blogs to search for answers. If they could do it, why not me!
(nak sedapkn ati le ni)

Even spending time online... blogging... writing this at this very moment doesn't help much. I'm torn! Should i take the road less travelled by?

p.s. i'm not perfect. that's why i'm human... I'm lost... help!!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Raina's Keychain Becomes Mine

What do you think?
It's mine!
(dah jd keychain keta ku...hehehe..)
But the credits schould be given to my lil girl
because she sewed d small heart shape & d button!
(kaler pon dia yg pilih...pandai anak mama...)
Ha! This is d other side of d keychain.
Good attempt, Raina!
(ehem.. lain kali jahit lg yer... blh pass keja mnjahit kat anak mama.. hikss..)

p.s. TQ Raina!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


My sincere apology to Ayu from SWEETLILCRAFT COLLECTIONS who will receive my 'hasil kerastangan' late. Yeah, I know.. I know...I should send it by 31 Dec 2010 but hey! It's better late than never!
(yelah tu.... nak sedapkan ati sendiri le tu... iks...)

The first is the quick-no-sew card....
using only a piece of ribbon & felt
(tak sempat nak jahit.. jd tulis jer ler... hehehe..)

Next... the baby blue butterflies... nak tau citer BUTTERFLIES? Go HERE !

And the fabric tray too...

Kisah fabric tray tu ada kat SINI

Keychain pon ader... (denda lambat... hehehe..)

Before the make-up session... After touching up... Feeling guilty, I had to do something. I decided to sew this... It's a tissue wallet but too plain.. no pocket... nothing...
only for tissue lah!
(cik abe siap tegur....huhuhu...)
After thinking & rethinking for a few days & nights...
(wah, mcm citer Detective Conan lak!)
I sewed another tissue wallet for Ayu
(Hrp2 Ayu suke yer...:)

It's personalised for AYU jer ye...
Let's look inside...
velcro tape jer... Ehem...Jgn tak caya... My first attempt in sewing a zipper in the middle of the fabric worked!

(tak ler cantik tp berhasil... yes!!!)
This is how it looks from outside...
for EVERONE!!!
; wink..wink..;D

So.... once together...
they are meant for each other..
meant only for AYU
whose fave colours are blue & pink..
(bantal2 tu props jer tau.... not for sale....ikkss....)

posing sebelum dibungkus......

Now on the way to the owner...

I'm over the moon...
My partner Ween from WEEN GORGEOUS,
a talented young student who is very passionate in fashion & sewing...
(bodek nak free skirt... hihihi... )
made a bag for me...:D
Love it! Love it! Love it!
Thanks Ween.
It is reversible...
Either this look...
or change it to this....
My perfect stay back bag aka beg lambat balik!
(almaklumle... aktiviti sukan & kelab dh mula.... huhuhu...)

For more story about this bag...
go HERE!

p.s. Errr... Zura SEW RETRO CHIC...... bila nak buat crafty swap lg yer?

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Giveaway 2010 dari

TiniHani's Giveaway started on 14 Dec 2010
& will end on 14 Jan 2011....

The prizes are awesome!
I've seen the collection of TiniHani's felt t-shirts..
Gosh! They are sooo cute.
Of course, I'd I love to win one of them
but I know it's a mission impossible... hehehe...
(tp belum cuba belum tau..kan..kan..kan...)

I hope the t-shirt will be mine....

If I were to win, I'd like to give it to my angel
my lil Princess Raina
who loves to be a princess all the time..
maybe pics of crowns or ribbons or cupcakes...
or anything related to princess...
or maybe all of 'em... ikss..
pink is definitely d choice of color...
(aduhai... berangannyer aku...)

What about you?
Wanna join this giveaway?
Click HERE !!!

p.s. Please hurry up... coz d deadline is just around d corner!