Thursday, March 31, 2011

My 100th post?

If I'm not mistaken this is going to be my 100th post.

(psssst....No! It's my 90th...hiksss!!!!)

So I decided to show off my house-to-be which is still not 100% completed though it's supposed to be delivered to me.... errr... 5-6 years ago? I don't have the latest photo but this pic was snapped in Dec last year. Pathetic, kan? Gaji dok potong setiap bulan tapi rumah tak siap2... huhuhu...

This reminds me of my PHDs... guess what? For the past few days, I sneaked into my messy sewing room & took a few minutes for sewing. Can't show you my 'hasil kerastgn' yet but I did hurt my fingers... hahaha.... I have warned you before that pins are merciless... they can really bite you... hehehe... One is a deep cut but lantaklah... It's been so long since I last sewed. Ni kira kes balas dendam ler..... hikss!

Can't stay here too long. A lot to do today. Have a nice day, ya...

p.s. My birthday GA is coming soon.... errr... interested?


  1. Hah buat apa tu sampai luka tangan ...?? Musti hand quilting lagi nih .... Cepat cepat tunjukn hasilnya !!

  2. Ann, hand quilting? makin cedera parah ler jari jemari runcingku... hehehe...

  3. KD pun tak sabar nak tengok apalah yang terhasil sampai cedera parah macam tu.... mesti mega project yer.... nnti tunjuk na!