Friday, July 15, 2011

My Prezzies Are Ready & Not Ready!

Cantik tak? This IS NOT MY HANDMADE ya. It's LIZA'S MASTERPIECE. Want to see her other masterpieces? Click HERE . Guess what! I won her 2nd Service GA. I posted the fabrics & now the bag is ready for me. It'll be MINE! Thanks Liza! So excited over here! This prezzie is all ready for me. Yeehaa!!

Fyi, my sewing life seems to be abandoned at this moment. I've decided that teaching is my top priority so I kinda neglect my messy sewing room. I think my sewing machine is quite dusty. You should see the room. Such an eyesore! Even the living room is like "tongkang pecah". Too many materials stay there. Some are related to sewing & crafts. Many are related to my teaching profession.

Well, some people can handle a lot of tasks at a time. I think I'm the opposite. That's why I must organize my 'other' life first. I need to make sure I balance all tasks equally. My 'customers' are my students so they of course will get my attention. After attending a 4-day course related to my profession in Jitra recently (should visit Anique but too busy attending lectures), I feel I've a lot to do. Trial PMR is just around the corner & the clock is ticking. Gosh! How come I've started to get cold feet? It's as if I'm the one who will sit for the exam.:P

A lot of things have occurred but I just do not know whether I can share all here. This world should be about crafting. That's why I'm a little bit reluctant to express myself here. So my apologies to all who are still waiting for my handmades. Will try my best to be a good 'manager' in life. The truth is I really miss my craftworld. But feeling guilty doesn't help. I end up doing what I should do: TEACHING.

Don't worry. I'm OK. I still love this world so you'd better watch out. Once the school holidays come back, once exams are over, you'll see me lots of me & my handmades here. Now, let me enjoy my life slow & steady, getting the inspirations from all 'otais' here & there first.

p.s. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO MY 2ND SON, HIFZHAN HAZWAN who celebrated his 9th birthday on 13. Sorry ya. I couldn't make up my mind yet. Be patient yer! Your prezzie is so not ready!


  1. Happy Birthday to anak kak!
    Anak Liza birthdaynya just a day after your son's. :)

  2. Happy b'day to son Hifzhan..and to dear Rosh keep your priorities on the top list like what you are doing whatever excites you most and i am sure the world will be a happier place to live on.

  3. happy belated bday to ur son...

    murid2 nak exam cikgu yg bizi semacam yerrr..

  4. thanx for your birthday wishes.

    liza, happy belated birthday to your gal too.

    kak ros, thanks for d advice. :D

    mila, bkn setakat bizi, bdk2 nk ambik periksa, cikgu pulak yg nervous...:P