Friday, September 16, 2011


Hi uols! What did u do on Malaysia Day? I went to my Mak Ngah Dah's (Mak's younger sis) house in Tunjang then to her daughter's house for lunch (at 4pm!). We (in 2 Avanzas) were extremely famished & got lost in the world of food.... hahahaha!!! Then, I let my aunt massage my hands & right leg. The pain.... OMG... till tears wet my face & my shrieks invited everyone to see the source of the pain. How embarassing!

OK.. ok... now something about my project in school. Guess what! I was listed in the Mural team! At first, I was in the dark as I was quite clueless of what to do as I've never done it before... No idea where & when to begin lol! I did some research for inspirations & found a few pics that had aroused my interest. So for the past few days, I was quite busy, sharing ideas, giving instructions, making sure the murals were done (bhgn i ler) & monitoring the students while painting. The others did their work & I squeezed in to contribute... hehehe... Not nice la if you're listed but not doing anything, kn?

At first, I didn't dare to hold the brushes. No confidence especially in painting. Drawing is ok but painting? The artwork will be messy lol! So I let my students to copy the pictures & drew them on the walls. Then, let them paint. Me? Pandai komen jer... hihihi...

On Wed, I, at last, found the courage to join the crowd... I drew "Tanpa Dadah Anda Bahagia" together with 5 shadows of people (thanks to Google I found the inspirational mural though I added more people) & painted it with red, black & white alone till evening. My student Shatirah came back to school to accompany me & help as she's good at painting. I focused on my red, black & white mural only. She spent time on the other mural.

The next day (on Thursday) after recess, I told my students to finish their tasks & I let 2 of my Form 2 students to continue painting my mural as I'd to be in class & in the staff room (ada acara mkn sempena hari raya :D). Just see how dedicated the students are... TQ dear..Then, had to do some touch up here & there. Overall... satisfactory & done.

I was lucky coz my loyal assistant Shatirah was willing to stay back with me on Thursday. Together, we tried to finish our work. Shatirah went to her area & I started painting my new area. Lucky me! 3 boys were there to lend their hands. Work became faster. This is the result! Phew! Siap jugak! (Credit to my colleagues, Dizam for the drawing the wordings & Anies for the flowers & leaves). I painted jer... hehehe... To enhance the wordings, I put the wordings in a black box. Why pink? Coz the mural next to it is in blue & pink. Why not blue? Coz baby blue colour wasn't available... Tinggal nyawa2 ikan jer..... hihihihi....

Yup! I left school almost at 7pm, sent Shatirah back home (so far is her kampung sampai risau blh keluar balik ke tidak sbb dh nk gelap), went back with a lot of doa (coz my home isn't a stone throw away! From Kg Paya Mengkuang to Gurun to SP) & alhamdulillah, reached home almost at 8pm. Legaa..:P Plus soooo exhausted!

Well, I'll show off the other completed murals next time. Got no time to snap photos of everything... Hoping so much the others won't complain.... Berat mata memandang, berat lagi orang yang pegang berus & mewarna, kan... kan... kan.... (mentang2 berat naik balik lps raya:P)


p.s. Some of my colleagues & students celebrated Malaysia Day in school, working hard to complete their projects & accomplish the mission before Monday.... Hat off to all of them!


  1. Roshy,

    wah kretif jugak u & anak2 murid ya...
    salam Aidil Fitri... :)

  2. tpaksa mengkreatifkn diri sbb dh kena buat... luckily blh buat research on the net... ;D