Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Last night, I reached home quite late as all of us were at my parents' house till 8 something in the evening. Once at home, I bathed & was in my sewing room.... in the final stage of completing the block I should send to March Birthday Block gal. All of a sudden (baru jer jahit sikit).... ooopsss... there's a hint as if there would be a black out... And believe it or not... all became pitch black! I was alone upstairs, trying to see in the dark & went downstairs sentimentally... (mcm org buta, beb!). Well, it seemed that all my neighbours were facing the same problem... No electricity lol!

My Cik Abg joked "Tu la... sbb x tutup lampu masa Earth Day hr tu". Ye ker? An attempt to find candles was fruitless, yet the torchlight I bought for a camp was a great help indeed!

MCA had a wonderful idea.... He wanted to get out of the darkness & get fresh air...& get more lights. So whoever wanted to join in his 'outing' club was welcome. I had work to do but the invitation was too tempting. Why not? Dok kat rumah pon bkn boleh menjahit. Kerja sekolah pon terbengkalai...

D'ya know that the blackout involved a large area of my 'taman' & nearby housing estates except my parents' house. We went to a 24-hour shop to buy candles & had our late supper at Mohabath Nasi Kandar restaurant in Tmn Ria. I was already full & had told myself to control my food intake but.... when you have nothing much to do... eating seems like the best option... hehehe...

So last night was our qada Earth Day.... X payah suruh tutup lampu... mmg semua gulap gulita....

My kids slept early... MCA slept early.... Me? Sorry lar... I had to prepare for my presentation for a workshop in school (Teknik Menjawab PMR... jgn x caya) until the battery of my lappy exhausted. However, I didn't mind it... I was more frustrated not being able to finish my block. :P

Early in the morning, still in darkness, I went to work. The presentation was OK. I really hope so much that my students understood well all the tips I delivered today. Now, back home, with the help of the generator provided by TNB outside (sbb pencawang utama meletup semlm sampai pencawang lain terbakar), I wonder..... "If only I have a sewing machine which requires no electricity..." Yelah, at least I still can sew & finish my block, kan?

Well, I rest my case.

p.s. The moral of the story is....."Life is so meaningless without sewing especially when you are in the mood." Tidor semalam pon tidor2 ayam jer sbb terkenang..... alahai... Btw....


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