Sunday, December 29, 2013


I'M BACK!!!!! 

Today, after such a long hiatus, I realised, I haven't updated this blog & I've been soooo UNPRODUCTIVE... I sewed but not as many as before & gradually I became lazier... then ended up piling up all the fabulous fabies in my sewing store room.... Shame on me... :P

It's almost the end of 2013 & this is the 1st post I made.... Another shame... (sigh!) :(

Dearest friends who share the same interests like me.... Forgive my silence... I've made up my mind to be ALIVE once more... My late sister always supported me & I know she won't let me drowned. She'll always be here.. in my heart. Yun, I love u & I miss u. May Allah bless your soul. Aminnn..

There're so many things that I've stopped doing. There're a lot of PHDs but they are going to be my 2014 projects...  Wish me the best of luck, ok?

Dear Sweet Singer & Miss QC... here I come...

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