Monday, September 27, 2010


Happy Birthday Raina!

It was Sunday but here (in Kedah), it's a weekday.
So Raina celebrated her special day with her friends.
She even wore a gown....
just like a princess!
(yelah, birthday girl mana boleh sama dgn org lain)

On the same day, in the evening....
She saw the books I bought from Kawaii Stations Craft Supplies
They arrived on the same day.
At last, she told me
"Mama, Raina nak yg ni.... please..."
(alahai, bab "please" ni mmg wa lemah u)

Here's Raina, posing...
waiting patiently for me...
with a big smile

(mesin jahit tepi tu baru beli masa raya ke4 hr tu...hehehe..)

posing sakan, kan... kan... kan....

Let's learn how to make Raina's Lollipop.
My second attempt in the world of felt.
The first attempt?
A blue & black hp casing for my brother.
(Kesian my brader, tunggu hp casing x siap2...hehehe)

We studied the pictures to assist us
(bukannya paham tulisan dlm buku tu)
Luckily, the pictures are the best teachers!
They tell everything!

These are the raw materials...

Raina is drawing a circle..
(pakai je apa yg bulat.... yg penting bulat bkn persegi)

Then, cut the circle.
Make sure there are 2 of them.

Now, cut the pink felt material.

Like this...

It'll be like this
(mcm ubat nyamuk...)

After that, don't forget cut the other shapes too!

Ha, the sewing part... so easy...
(jahit jelujur je..)

Next, stuff the fibre
(jahit dulu, baru sumbat tau!)

As expected, it's Raina's name.....
(ikut selera masing2)

Ha! Ha! Ha! Terketaq2 jahit ni
As expected, it's not perfect lol.

Make sure there's a place for stuffing...
(apalagi... sumbat, jgn x sumbat)

Tara.... the completed lollipop for Raina!
(sama tp x serupa)

So cun kan?
(kalau sendiri tak puji, sapa lg)

don't mind the herot perot jahitan, ok!

Then, I realized I forgot to sew a ribbon..
(terpaksa le tambah dgn penuh susah pyh.. huhuhu..)

This is for my princess
who's really a great assistant somehow...

My birthday present for her


Already asleep...
(letih tunggu kot!)
Good night, my dear...
Sweet dream...
on your birthday!
Love u

p.s. Raina brought the lollipop today! Yes!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Raina ....!

    Cantiknya lollipop ... sukaaaaa !!!

  2. hehehe..TQ... lps ni nk buat ice-cream @ cupcake lak...hmmm... yummy!

  3. harap tak terlambat to wish her a happy birthday.. seronon raina dapat lollipop

  4. thanx mila. it's not too late sbb her birthday party x buat lg d rmh... her princess gown is still in the closet... ntah bila le free..huhuhu..