Monday, October 18, 2010

Pin Cushion For Me?

Well, I couldn't really remember who, where & when...
But the pin cushion...
So nice!
So adorable...

I've been dreaming of making it
at least one for me...
...just like the one I saw.

I was definitey on cloud nine
the moment I saw the fabric.
Such a beauty!

I decided to realise my dream!

And this is the outcome.....

I love the completed pin cushion!

Who cares if other people hate it!

(yg penting aku bahagia)

Yet.... as usual, it isn't 100% perfect.

(u all tgk le sndri hasil kerastangan aku)

the stiches...urgh!!! so ugly... an ultimate evidence of the workmanship of a beginner!

yg sebelah lg tu kira OK sikit....

a pink tudung girl on one side

and a red tudung girl...
on the other side!
but somehow
I dreaded the sight of the ugly stitches!
I couldn't bear to see them
so clear! so vivid! Arghhh!!!

This is the modified version

bracelet around her neck... hahaha

kapala pon kena cucuk....
(nasib baik tak berdarah)

p.s. Raina claimed it's hers.... so memandangkn aku ni sememangnya ibu yg pengasih & penyayang.... maka akan ku buat satu lg "pin cushion" utk diriku sendiri... AMIN!!!

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