Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nykolett's Scraps' Misadventure

Did I tell you that I won't sew for a while because I needed to concentrate on marking? I'd like to apologize because it seems that I can't do that! Last night, I had headache but I sewed! Today, sewing is on my mind all the times. I believe that I've been transformed lately.... I just want to sew.. sew... sew... (sigh!)

Recently, I bought fabrics from Kak Ros (Nykolett Curtains & Soft Furnishing) & I got scraps! Such lovely scraps! Thanks Kak Ros. Let me show you what I've done so far.....

Yup! One is a wallet (Keyka Lou's Basic Wallet) & another one is supposed to a pouch or hp casing.... I was thinking of giving one of them or maybe both to kak Ros but I wasn't well-equipped in sewing so I made blunders here & there... Do you know why the wallet is half hidden?...Err... it's uneven... imbalanced... imperfect... (another sigh!):(

The hp casing? OK but still not good enough.... I just feel it needs more... Maybe buttons? Yet even if I add embellishments, I still feel it's just not up to my expectation:(

I'm in the process of making another hp casing but somehow there're mistakes everywhere... :(

I rest my case....

p.s. D scraps tu mmg cun.... especially yg tebal tuh... tak pyh bubuh interfacing... adus.. mmg mudah keje ku..... Hrp2 jahitanku menjadi lepas nih...Aminnn...


  1. huhuhu...happy to know my scraps ( perasan lah pulak kan..)have drag you into the sewing craze.Not to worry... this is a healthy obsession.And all those little imbalances are leading you to the almost perfect road.. Keep on going girl!Sew and create!

    * i am most happy to receive anything handmades from friends.

  2. kak Ros, I've successfully sewn another wallet.. much better... tungguu...

  3. rosh... keep it up. I know u can do it.

    I think as a self learner like us (means not going to any classes nor any teachers).. most of the time we learned through experience... the more we make mistake, the good we are...

  4. Mila, correct... correct... correct... experience is our best teacher.

  5. rosh, thanks for visiting and the comment! well it just takes time to do it right with lots and lots of practice! good luck and all the best :)