Monday, May 9, 2011

Princess Closet: European Blockbuster GA

"Once upon a time, a fair princess who lived among the fairies summoned all her tiny small friends to her beautiful paradise. She was devastated as most of her dresses did not fit her well. She had grown up too fast! They were either too short or too tight! She gathered everyone to lend their hands. Her wardrobe definitely needed transformation! Together, the little fairies began their quest to find the best closet, filled with elegant, colourful, wonderful new dresses for their beloved fair princess....."

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! I know this fairy tale never exists but looking at the image below reminds me of all little angels or princesses we call daughters. Though the princess doesn't resemble Raina (Raina kan dh berambut pendek... hikss!) , she still reminds me of my lil princess.... And do you know that the owner of PRINCESS CLOSET is having a GA right now! (Butul... wa tatak tipu lo..)

winners will get exciting goodies like these magazines...

and 1.25m of gorgeous fabulous European cotton!
Just choose any of the cotton lol!
(bestnyer... errr.. kalau menang ler...hmm..)

If I were the winner (mula ler memerasankan diri), I'd choose this Green Forest..
as uol know I'm addicted to anything related to butterflies ... or maybe anything floral or sweet fabric with pink and blue.... This Pink Forest is just PURRRFECT!
or like the Blue Stripes below..The Blue Hearts pon cute jugak! hehehe...
plus these? bior betul... heaven!

I have a dream to create beautiful dresses for my lil Princess. Winning one of these goodies is a dream come true but sewing my own daughter's dresses is definitely the best as they will be made with love & come straight from my heart. So if you are interested to join this giveaway for whatever reason you have.... don't wait till the last minute. Just go HERE . Who knows you'll be one of the winners! It's just a matter of luck! The best of luck to you & to me too...

p.s. This GA end on 31 May 2011 tau!

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