Friday, November 4, 2011

Crochet Crush

Don't know why but I just got the urge to try it. I went to WS Handicraft in SP while waiting for my kids to finish their tuition & guess what? I bought 2 colours of Minlon crochet yarn.... Yup, you heard me right... crochet yarn aka benang kait mengait tu... hikhikhik... Me? Nk mengait? Why not?

So back home I tried to remember the technique I learnt when I was a young girl. I think I tried once a long time ago (really so long ago), then gave up coz the end result was... errr... an eyesore? hehehe... Couldn't remember why I didn't pursue it. Maybe the word "susah" has been the biggest enemy.... Besides, I was clumsy at all the attempts... It was definitely not my cup of tea.

After trying so hard...... let me show you the result.... hahaha..... dpt seciput pon jadik ler...

Amacam? Ok tak? OK ler tu knowing that with all the pains at my right wrist plus the side-effect after the nurse took my blood from my right hand on Wed., I managed to do it. But, honestly, I wonder whether I'm able to produce something like what my lil sis, Not, has produced. Should ask her to be my 'guru' lol. Btw, school break is just around the corner... Hmmm... such a brilliant idea..

p.s. Err... about the pain & d blood story... no worry. Nothing serious. Maybe i'll share about it next time.


  1. teringin juga nak belajar mengait. dulu masa anak dara pernah buat bunga sumi dari benang kait.

  2. laa cantek je tue..nurul terer wat mata air panjang tue je, bila nk smbung mmg fail hehe

  3. Melor, err... bunga sumi tu apa yek? Nmpak sgt x reti... hehehe...

    Nurul, tima kacih yer tp ni jer yg akak tahu... yg lain2 tu kena pegi b'guru dulu... :P