Sunday, November 20, 2011

Where Am I?

The beginning of school holiday.... I'm not at home ya... hehehe... in KL & S'gor lol... attending 'kenduri kawin' & 'jln2 cuci mata & poket'.^^ Will be back to sp before Tuesday so hopefully... will be able to start my 'projects' once I've cleaned up d house & sent my school work, Yup! holiday isn't really holiday for teachers. It's normal to be in school even if there's no student.;D

p.s. Thinking of going to Craftworld^^ Thanks Mila for the address.


  1. Lepas sms the address smlm I received a sms from craftworld informing that there is YES starting today... u r lucky then... jgn lupa shopping banyak2 yer haha

  2. Ye...saya pun dpt sms tu....tak pe lambat lagi nak habis heheh

  3. Mila.. Suzie.., sampai jer x tau nk shopping apa. kain dh byk d rmh. At last beli fabric yg best buy & a few items yg xder... tp mmg untung sbb ada YES. Dpt diskaun... Spent more than RM100 ler jugak.. hehehe...