Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My To-Be Sewing Machine?

Eyeing all these machines....

1. NV50... now it's RM1499...

but if you go to lsn, you'll get 14 free gifts worth RM201.50...
from 5-31 Dec 2011 HERE ... hmmmm...

Reasonable price, get free gifts but LSN is too far lol... not in SP! :P (sigh!)

2. Another Brother... QC1000...

RM5,999 but an asset to any quilter...
Got an offer last month in SP... reduced to RM5,499..
but not sure if it's still available...
1st come, 1st served lol.

3. Janome 6500... the price is similar to Brother QC1000...

Free lessons in SP...
must use/buy their materials but I don't mind...
get free books too...

4. Lastly, Horizon 7700.. another Janome...

nearly RM7k!
But interesting.... scarlet... i like!
free lessons, free books..
Yet the price... ayoyo... kena menabung ler...:P

In short, follow my heart or follow my budget?
The cheapest is the 1st ler... NV50..
Proven by many that it's reliable..
plus affordable too even though it's computerized..

Asked for MCA's opinion...
He said, "Blh sabar tak?"
Be patient for another 6 months or a year? Or maybe 2 or 3?
(yg 2, 3 thn tu sendiri tambah.. hehehe...)
My heart says, "Nak skrg!"
Yup! I really want it now! Choice 2, 3 & 4 are all over budget!
Soooo... should I go for NV50 now? Maybe in the future, once money isn't a big issue, I can simply point my finger to all the machines & remark "Hey! They are all mine!" hahahaha.... (berangannyer aku... sungguh tamak haloba...)

p.s. Enough of surveying... action speaks louder than words!

***got all d images from Google***


  1. Rosh....kalau boleh memang nak yang canggih-manggih...heheheh main kutu ler...cepat sikit dapat..

  2. melor kalau dapat yg atas sekali tu pun dah sukaaaaa sangat. tapi kalau dapat semua pun lagi sukaaaaa.

  3. Kalau mesin janome tuh personally I think its overprice.
    Tapi kalau dapat Brother QC1000 tuh mmg WOW lerrr.. best tuh. Tapi above all, kita pun tak punya masa yang berkoyan koyan nak menjahit, so NV50 is the best.
    Now saya pun tgh pikir2 nak beli mesin industri, rasanya budget kewangan tuh tak ler susah sgt, tp bajet spacing tuh yg merisaukan wakakaka. now dah ada 3 mesin jahit, kalau tambah 1 lagi yg gedabak tuh.. aduhaiii mana nak letak.