Saturday, December 11, 2010

Back To School- Part 1

Back To School Project has begun!
I was very excited...
I found the right tutorial for my very first pencil case aka pencil box
(org lain pon buat pencil case tp takler kecoh mcm aku... hikkss..)

I'm proud to present my first handmade pencil case here..
It's nothing but who cares...
ni ler rupanya....
***If you are interested to make one for yourself, click HERE

buka zip kejap...
OK tak?

Boleh ler buat lg... hehehe...

I MADE IT! :-)

p.s. I was supposed to sew 2 more pencil cases just now
BUT... (ni yg marah ni..)
my beloved SINGER meragam le pula...

That's why I'm online
searching for solutions...
if it's not OK
then need to consult the expert
(sapa lg kalau bkn pakar di kedai singer... hehehehe...)

p.p.s. masih sakit ati.... huhuhuhu....


  1. i'm about to try this tutorial, but wondering senang x for a beginner? urs turn out to be great :)

  2. Cantik! Untuk percubaan kali pertama, cantik aje tengok :) Cuba dan cuba lagi, practice makes perfect ;)

  3. It looks great!!! Thanks for visiting my site!


  4. Rosh,be careful ya....this boxy pencil case making is very addictive...siap satu nak buat lagi..hihihi...small projects are easy to accomplish and moooost gratifying...believe me!

  5. cute la kak... :)
    singer masih dengan doktor ke? hopefully dia cepat sembuh & akak bleh menjahit lagi dan lagi..

  6. ween, u should try!

    liza, yes, very true... practice makes perfect. sbb tu pulun jahit... hehehe...

    annie, thanks for visiting! I love the design. will make more.

    kak ros, betul.. betul.. betul.. very addictive... hehehe...

    zila, sblm antar jumpa doktor, cuba pulihkn sendiri... akhirnya BERJAYA! Sempat siap 1 lg pencil case versi org nk cpt... hehehe

  7. wahhh cun dah tuh. I love blue colour....