Thursday, December 9, 2010

Reversible Sun Cap a.k.a Sun Hat

Another project by TiniHani.
This time it's Jom Jahit: Sun Hat.
I was kind of nervous because I thought it's a tough project
but I was wrong...
(mestila cari tutorial yg paling senang... hehehe...)
and I found one of the easiest tutorials
and it's at PRUDENT BABY
(ada free pattern lagi... mmg mudah koje..)
if you are interested you can click HERE

It is Reversible 40's Inspired Sun Cap posted by Jaime

Tara.... let me present

my first Sun Hat...
err... Sun Cap...

now you see brown....

now you see pink......

Reversible gitu....hehehe...

This is my model in her new sun hat.

ala adik manja....hiks...

ala budak nakal le pulak...

what a relief!
mission.... accomplished!

p.s. My special thanks to Jaime for sharing her tutorial on this reversible sun cap. Thanks so much for the free pattern too!

p.p.s. My special thanks to Sue from MyBotang Crafty Corner for her lovely scraps.... blh i mix & match... & this sun cap is the result.... ooo la la..


  1. cute la kak.. suka.. akak ukur ikut size kepala model akak ek?
    saya punya masih blom potong kain lagi.. masih dalam akal fikiran lagi.. hahaha...

  2. thanks for the link Rosh.. the sun hat is sooo cute and your girl is adorable.. she got pretty eyes..

  3. Zila, tak ukur pun. Just ikut jer pattern & tawakal sekali...hehehe.. tak sabar nk tgk your sun hat... rasa mcm nk buat lg jer;)

    Sue, thanks..

  4. cantik la kak....model pon lawo...;-)
    harus ku try nih... heheh... thankz for d link..


  5. Msraiza, tqvm... cuba.. jgn tak cuba... nk try buat versi org besar le pulak.. hihihi..

  6. wahhh sempat siapkan snhat yer... saya takleh join ler jom jahit utk kali ni.. but one day.. nak jugak buat satu utk Izzah

  7. u should try, mila. it's sooo easy. yg pattern lain tu tak tau le sbb blm cuba... hehehe..