Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Farewell Gift For Ilyana

It took me a few hours to sew this handphone case for my friend Ilyana who got a transfer to Kelantan (ikut somi) . I postponed my plan to mark paper to complete this task on Sunday evening. This is the result... Tara...Selamat menjamu mata uols yer...Inside, I use the free fabric I got. It's quilted lol!This is the additional ribbon added coz I forgot to put it earlier..
(korang ingat tak ni simbol per?)
Dr dpn..

Sila pandang belakang...

Dr tepi lak...
Buka button jap...
So this is my latest project... nothing much compared to the others but ok la.. So Ilyana... hoping so much you like this hp case.. THE BEST OF LUCK yer.. HAPPY TEACHING IN YOUR HOMETOWN! Bila cuti tu mai la lawat kami.... :D

p.s. Love the fabric especially the design... sooo cute but perasan tak? A few things are upside down... hmmm..

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