Tuesday, June 28, 2011

To Love With Love

Dear L for Love,

The moment I saw you, I couldn't help myself dreaming about you. My slumber will be more meaningful with your presence. (though I'm not so sure I should sleep on you as you are such a beauty!)What you offer is very precious as it will light up my dull life. No worry. I won't use any mentol or candle to brighten you. I don't have to add any other accessory or lipstick or even powder on you. I like you the way you are.

Besides, my lil gal Raina will also learn the beauty of Love from you. "Love is what you give, not what you get...." Those lovely words are like music to my ears. I yearn for your company, to tell me that it's ok to give more to others without any terms & conditions. The flaws you have are reminders that it's alright to make blunders in life. I'm just a little dot in the universe. Yeah, just like the dots I saw on my cotton fabric.... which reminds me to do aka sew something...a dress or errr a bag or anything? Not for me but for my sis, my nieces, my Mak, my nephews, my friends.... the list never stops...

Being a human being, not an alien (please forgive Raina for drawing those aliens), I feel honoured to be part of you. I welcome you in my home. My home is your home. Pardon me if it's a little bit messy but i guarantee it's full of LOVE. Love is always in the air... though sometimes we fight but never bite! Yet, if someone deserves you more, I understand.... sob..sob..sob... It's painful to let you go but my dear Love, I'll always pray for your safety wherever you are. I'm sure your partner will shower you with lots of love & care. I know whoever owns you will be delighted & lucky. Do you know that deep inside, my heart at this very moment is crying "PLEASE BE MINE!!!" :p

Dear Love,

I'm hoping so much for you. Till we meet again. Bye.


p.s. Please send my regards to Ann. Tell her how much I want you in my life. Please inform her that I've a more-than-20-word message for her...

"Ann, TQVM for d giveaway. teruja bangat! Reasons why I choose L for Love? Coz i always choose LOVE in my life. Besides, i love the wordings.. remind me of myself... A reminder that i should always be sincere in whatever i give without asking for any reward.. mcm mgajar anak2 muridku... walau ada yg menyiksa batin tp ilmu ke, duit ke, tenaga ke, masa ke.. kena bagi dgn ikhlas tanpa hrp apa2. Kena sentiasa redho.. Give all without any terms & conditions."

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