Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Mags

Sew Hip! I got it! I asked a staff about Sew Hip at MPH, Tesco SP a long time ago & guess what.. I've got a call from one of the staff, informing me the mag has arrived... aikk! baru jer nk order online, dh dpt... kensel ler... hehehe... Many thanks to MPH. Very efficient lol!pssttt... d orange funky messenger bag looks promising. Can try la.

This is another mag i like "Quilts and more"... Some others are in my messy sewing room... If only I dare enough to try quilting... if only i'm not a coward... (sigh!) :PAnd this is also my fave... Siap ada free gift lg... very2 interesting.
I'm searching for inspirations for baby gifts. Additional 2 new members in our family! I've 2 newborn nephews & though I've given them gifts, those presents aren't handmade... hehehe... Ntah ler... nothing inspires me... maybe i need to take a break for a while. Need to refresh myself! The truth? Those mags I purchased like crazy are my teraphy. Tak dpt jahit... jamu mata jadilah..

p.s. Tomorrow is a public holiday in Kedah. My Cik Abg is planning to bring us to Jusco Bdr Perda.... hmmm.....

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