Saturday, January 8, 2011

Giveaway 2010 dari

TiniHani's Giveaway started on 14 Dec 2010
& will end on 14 Jan 2011....

The prizes are awesome!
I've seen the collection of TiniHani's felt t-shirts..
Gosh! They are sooo cute.
Of course, I'd I love to win one of them
but I know it's a mission impossible... hehehe...
(tp belum cuba belum tau..kan..kan..kan...)

I hope the t-shirt will be mine....

If I were to win, I'd like to give it to my angel
my lil Princess Raina
who loves to be a princess all the time..
maybe pics of crowns or ribbons or cupcakes...
or anything related to princess...
or maybe all of 'em... ikss..
pink is definitely d choice of color...
(aduhai... berangannyer aku...)

What about you?
Wanna join this giveaway?
Click HERE !!!

p.s. Please hurry up... coz d deadline is just around d corner!

1 comment:

  1. come here to jenguk2 kamooo..jum kenal2 ngan belog saya yew..wink2..