Monday, February 28, 2011

Colour your life contest

The deadline is today! 28th Feb 2011.
My previous crafty swap partner WEEN GORGEOUS is the organiser.
Sound fun, heh?

I was undecided at first about participating because I feel others are better in this 'mix n match' area than me..... But lantak ler.... need to put more colours in my life.... Let me check my closet.... Aha! Yeah, I found the dress I bought last year so asked my lil Raina to be my professional photographer..... hehehe....

Equipped with only my hp camera, see the result la..... hahahaha!!!!
(psssttt.... dh makin berisi le.... hiksss..)

-a yellow tudung
& a simple english floral cotton dress
(blue, purple, green, maroon, orange, a bit of brown & red)
(sofa pon mcm serasi jer dgn tema bajuku.... ngeee...)

Click HERE for more info ya....

p.s. Sometimes we really need to spice up our lives. Betul tak Ween?

p.p.s. baju tu sebenornyer nk buat sample baju jahitan tgn sendiri... hiksss!!!

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  1. sounds fun....but eeerrrr not me lah.I am too camera shy huhuhu...but will watch you gals closely and be a big busy body...hihih