Friday, February 18, 2011

WIP-RBBag Sew Along-Part 1

Right now, I'd like to share my progress so far...
in MyBotang's Reversible Bucket Bag Sew Along
Click HERE for more info yer

The gathering stage was from 1-14 Feb.
I managed to choose a few fabrics
but too many options are definitely not good news...

Choice No. 1: Pinky Cutie Butterflyower...
(tergeliat lidah nk sebut.... hikss..)

Or Choice No 2: Brownie Bluey Flora
Now, it's the second stage: Cutting out pieces
from 16 till 21 Feb....
3 more days to accomplish Stage 2
The best of luck!!!
(speseli kat diri sendiri... ahak! ahak!)

p.s. yg mana satu yer nk potong nih?


  1. ooooo love both choices.. but I have to say I love the brownie blue flora option 2.. the colour and pattern looks so nice together..

    Whichever you choose, can't wait to see :)

  2. I'm with Sue, the brown & blue combo looks yummy.
    Will surely make a beautiful bag :)

  3. i'm preferring the pinkish one. sooo girly :D

  4. yg blue tu cantik..ish sukanye tgk org ada kain cantik2 nie (jelesnye tgk hehe)..

    sy dah pun follow blog..follow sy juga ye..jeles tgk akak byk dah jahit nie..xpe2 sy slow2 catch up hehe

  5. hi everyone.
    thanks. i spent hours deciding on which to choose. rasanya dh tau nk pilih yg mana. wait & see... hehehe...

    nurul, already follow u. takper..takper... biar slow tp siap... akak pon byk lg nk buat.... byk lg nk catch up nih.

  6. kak.. saya suka yang 2nd set.. tapi kaler biru tu saya tukar dengan fabrik warna pink bunga2 dari set 1st.. hehe.. boleh tak saya tolong pilihkan padahal saya punyer pun blom decide.. hahahaha..