Saturday, February 26, 2011

Farewell gifts for Mr Anas

Sorry ya, can't show uols the pics of the presents coz somehow they r gone in d hp. It's already too late when I realised that the photos were missing.....huhuhu.... The farewell gifts are for Mr Anas. He's Ijan's & Raina's music teacher. He's moved to Alor Setar & today, it's their last day together. At first I wanted to sew something but with so many PHD (Products Half Done), I decided to make a felt keychain for him. Luckily, I bought a few "Jom Buat Sendiri" packs from KEDAI SUS ... hehehe... One of them is this pack..... "JOM BUAT SENDIRI KEYCHAIN GUITAR". Konpem sesuai buat Mr Anas yg tera muzik nih!

Last night, I stayed up to accomplish the mission. The result? Sama tp tak sama...

If u want to imagine my end product, refer to the above pic ya.... I used the same colour even though d pack consists of pink, white & grey felt. Couldn't resist the temptation to use the same colours... hikss!!! But unlike the guitar on the left above (kosong jer), my hasil kerastgn has Mr Anas' name. Caiyok...caiyok...

Besides the keychain, I also purchased this cute mug. There're a pair of them but I gave one jer to him... hihihi... the other one of course mine la... Too cute... Below is my mug. Just want u to get a glimpse of that farewell gift. Tomei, kan? Beli kat Tesco. Rege between RM20-30 a pair.

Imagine that in the middle, there's a wording ....

"Especially for MR ANAS"

Then.... "Love... HIFZHAN &...


So uols gunakn ler daya imaginasi uols sbb nk tunjuk pon brg dh selamat di tgn Mr Anas... hikkss!!!!

p.s Thank you Mr Anas for being such a wonderful music teacher. The best of luck from all of us!

p.p.s. Apron dh siap 90%.... hehehe...:D

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