Friday, February 4, 2011

To Penang With Love

I'm extremely fortunate to celebrate it a week early coz my boss decided to allow us to have a ten day break..... (of course la kena cuti ganti lepas ni.... huhuhu...)

So many UFOs at home but I was outside most of the time & ended up feeling exhausted... hahaha... Hey! Did I tell you that I'm also under the weather! At first, it's sore throat....then the cough & now the cold.... I sneeze almost all the time & have to supply tissues because of the runny nose.... very irritating! That's why I told my hubby I didn't want to go to Kelantan. Not fit enough to travel on the road (yelah tu... pi Penang boleh pulak!)

Yeah, I did go to Penang this week...TWICE! Today & 2 days ago! (jgn tak caya...)


Today, we were in Penang with my brother-in law & his beautiful family. They were visiting my in-laws in PB but my mother-in-law joined the trip to my hubby thought it's better for all of us to go for an outing to Penang instead after the Friday prayer. It's the last minute notice but it's better late than never! From SP we went straight to Penang. While waiting for Eddy & his gang , we dined at Mr Teppanyaki at Gurney Plaza. Once they arrived, my kids were in joy.
See! My lil princess posing cheerfully with her cousins....
(apa nk buat...dah lama tak jumpa...)

After that, we went to Botanical Garden & had a ride on a sentimental train...hehehe... (sbb malas nak jalan). On the way back to the jetty, I managed to snap this pic from inside the car. I really love to see the architecture of the buildings in Penang. Cantik, kan?
oops...gambar senget le pulak...hikss...

Once we reached the mainland, we had dinner at R&R Pantai Bersih. The kids...loved the beach so much. They even built sandcastles in darkness... (habis ler kotor bdk2 tu tp sekali sekala... why not! Yg penting they all... HAPPY!!) We reached home after 11pm. The kids are all asleep...shhhh!!


2 days ago, I fulfilled my promise to go to kak CORINE's Pondok in Penang. The last time I was there, I learned the art of making "Little Missy Sling Bag". It was before Hari Raya Puasa last year. My mission this time? To master the art of sewing zippers..... & sewing more bags.... hahaha!!!! The result???? Uols tgk ler sendiri...... ikss...
sbb tak buat homework, tak dpt ler siapkn bag idaman tu....

but it's ok..... going to post the pic of the bag once it's completed.
Going to see kak Corine again next week...lalalala...

p.s. Will go back to Penang with more love.... hehehe...

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