Thursday, October 20, 2011

Another Disastrous Shopping Day

I love fabrics. Maybe that's why I still went to this textile store (K*****)in SP though my last visit a few months ago was horrible.... Guess what? Nobody wanted to entertain me! :P

Yesterday, I was there once again, hoping that nothing would interest me... hoping that the 'people' there would be better. Well, I didn't need to be entertained as my main aim was to do some windowshopping but.... dear me... looking at all the gorgeous fabrics, my mind was made. The cottons were yummy & the offers were irresistable. Got to grab some lol...;D

Yet, though not sooo many customers were in the store, I just couldn't get anybody to assist me. Luckily, I asked a girl who was willing to lend her hands. Later, I learned that she's a supervisor. Thumbs up! Busy yet stil helpful. Then she told one of the salesgirls to assist me when another new fabric needed to be cut. After wandering around & deciding on which fabies to be mine, I searched for someone to help. But everyone seemed busy! Really? How come I saw a salesgirl... drowsy & sleepy? Did she take a short nap as her eyes were close when I passed by her? If there's a camera there, I'm sure I looked lost... trying so much to get any salesgirl's attention which was amazingly in vain. Just imagine...there're 2 girls entertaining a customer! The other salesgirl, on the other hand, followed the other customer. The rest... busy sgt ker? Hello, I thought the motto "Customer is always right" is a fave among salespeople. Why didn't it happen to me? Aku ni tak layak shopping ker?

I did try to get their attention but I looked invisible to them! When I saw the supervisor , I immediately asked for her help. Of course, she asked one of the salesgirl to help but.... that salesgirl fatly told her that she WAS BUSY... hmmm... waiting her customer to make up her mind yer....& the other salesgirls.. were BUSY too.... hmmmm..

I wasn't in mood to feel jealous yer. At least they should be considerate. I was there for almost an hour, feeling & touching almost all the fabrics & once I decided to purchase the items.... no one wanted to entertain me! Hahahaha!!! A big laugh lol. Deep inside... sgt ler sakit hati. I love shopping when there're no crowd but on that day... lengang jer tp semua sibuk sgt2....

So, I headed to the counter. Why should I waste my time waiting as if it's the last place which offers great buys in town. There are other stores & shops with better fabrics & much better service. I believe that one salesgirl realised I already saw red so she asked if I needed help... Too late lol! Another wanted to assist too! Hahaha! Too late. Maybe they saw the changes coz that supervisor asked too & my reply was easy, "Thanks but no thanks". Masa terhegeh2 nak beli tak nak layan.... dh tak mau baru nak layan? It doesn't make sense, kan?

I paid for the 2 fabrics cut earlier while muttering & cursing all those 'slow' people & wondered whether I should go there again in the future. Maybe not K***** SP. Maybe other K***** in other places.

Now, the moral values of this:
1. If you are under the weather, don't go shopping coz if the service is terrible, you'll be physically & emotionally drained. Your mood swings... very exhausting!
2. Always learn from mistakes.... Once bitten, twice shy. The problem is... I've been bitten twice... so how many times shy?
3. Never give up easily. Don't blame fabrics ya... they are innocent. Blame the people who make the sale & purchase complicated.

p.s. Always remind myself....LIFE IS NOT ALWAYS BEAUTIFUL!


  1. sabar yer Rosh.. saya selalu ke kamdar Jln Tar tu ok jer services diorg. selalu cari ada uncle chinese tuh, mmg ramah mesra, siap tanya itu ini lagi, kalau pasal kain untuk wat tudung dah expert dah dia... siap suggest awning yg cantik2 lg and then kalau memotong tuh, mesti dia lebihkan skit, so takde lah ngam2

  2. sure hangen satu badan masa taip nih..klo kene kat nurul mmg rasa nk marah gak la..sabar kak laen kali pangkah je kedai tue

  3. heehe....selalu memang camtu tapi saya kalau suka i buat bodoh gak...beli je...hehe baru g shopping kain sekolah...

  4. kDee, thanx. Sabar kan separuh drp iman.^^

    Mila, I should go to Kamdar TAR la... If i go to KL, u become my shopping buddy ye.. ;D

    Nurul, nk pangkah tp kain2 tu mcm memanggil jer... huhuhu...

    Suzie, hr tu takde masa nk tunggu... dh x larat. Lgpon mmg ada hikmah... selamat duit hr tu... kalau x konpem over budget...hihihi..