Saturday, October 22, 2011

Just Drop In To Say...

I'm gonna be brief coz too many things to do today. But just want to let all of you know I succeeded in my quest to sew 'something' special for my swap partner, Nurul from Sew Love . It means tomorrow, I will head to the post office after school.... delivering all the stuff to Nurul & the others too. Once again, my humble apology for being soooo late.

Got some pics of my latest projects but my card reader broke down... huhuhu... Something wrong with my camera too but my fault la... bagi anak pakai, so the right button isn't working... But nevermind la... The camera is OK. Only the button jer... Nothing is perfect lol. Besides, there's always a solution to any problem, kan?

p.s. Thanks for being understanding.


  1. cant wait to receive the special gift ^o^

  2. Nurul, already posted. Your Deepavali gift... hehehe...

    Suzie, biasa2 jer tp mmndangkn jahit sendiri mmg terasa best... hrp2 Nurul suka.