Saturday, October 8, 2011

WIP- Sew In Love

Today, outside my dear hubby was busy building a home for d two cute rabbits brought home last night when I entered my messy sewing room. While searching for something, I came across scraps I bought many years ago at FRC Shah Alam. All of a sudden, an idea popped out. This is d result.... an applique... SEW IN LOVE..... Sorry ya... looks clumsy... herot perot.. my 1st attempt ma... hihihi...I sewed thisand this too...
But I'm in dilemma lol! The end product.... a cushion cover or a bag?
Think! Think! Think!

p.s. kita rehat dulu yer.. tetiba rasa penat ler pulak...;P


  1. hahaha...boleh pula dah jahit pastu tak tahu apa nak buat ...sabo je lah

  2. jadi sarung kusyen cantek gak ni ^ ^

  3. jadi beg pon cantik jugak... tapi kekadang ada masa tuh kita just nak menjahit tp tak tau nak wat apa hahaha