Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award?

Do I deserve this award? Not so sure la but still feel elated once I learned that I was one of the recipients. Thanks ya KAK DEE of ADR'S Treasures for choosing me. So honoured over here. Fyi, this is my first award tau! Perasan mengalahkan artis... hehehe....

I was informed that there are rules to this award.... So I copy & paste here ya...
1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
2. Share seven things about yourself on the post.
3. Pass the award to fifteen bloggers that you think deserve it.
4. Lastly contact all the bloggers that you've picked for the award.

Let's see... hmmm... the 7 things about me.... Apa ya?

Do u know that...
1. I'm hopeless in cooking. My Cik Abang (MCA) is a much better cook & he's pampered me too much till to the point that my children thought cooking is a gentleman's task, not lady's.... Malu nak mengaku tp itu ler hakikat hidupku... huhuhu... But the best thing is that... whenever I cook, I never fail... My No. 1` fans.. tak lain tak bkn anak2ku jua...

2. I love writing & even chose "writer" as my profession when I was in school... but too embarrassed to share my poems & short stories coz I feel I'm not good enough.... Malu tp mau... hihihi... But no worry... some are in my other 'blogworld" & some are kept hidden in my lappy...;P

3. I want to do too many things but knowing my limitation, I end up doing the thing I'm good at: TEACHING. .. Errr... sebenarnyer... tak ler hebat pon.... Kes perasantan ler ni... hehehehe..

4. I dreamed that one day I would be a fashion designer! It's my childhood dream tau! Now? Still interested & always let the tailor to realise my dream.... hehehe... I sketched & designed "ntah apa-apa" clothes when I was young & have kept those old sketches somewhere in the store room in my house... Kena gali & cari balik ke nih?

5. I also opted to be a doctor when I was in school but changed my mind coz in my Biology class, I couldn't cut a frog though the knife was sharp...TWICE! Tak sampai hati ler beb! Kesian kat katak tu...

6. My late grandmother, Arwah Tok Ma (my father's mom), was a seamstress & my aunt, Mak Lang Gayah was a great seamstress too. Alas, she has retired as her health has deteriorated & she feels that it's time to rest & take care of her grandchildren. I always admire her skills & talent. Even without any proper training, she still could produce fantastic garments... Really adore her work! Apasal ler tak belajar awal2 dulu nih! Rugi.. rugi...

7. I want to sew whatever I design or whatever comes across my mind. Yet, I keep on delaying. Instead, I search for the knowledge first & the trouble is... I paid for the knowledge but it takes soooo looooong to finish what I've begun... Cth paling teruk... Yuran dh bayar nk belajar buat baju tp masa memnjg takder... Ntah bila ler nk grad tuh... sabor je la... :P

And... this award also goes to.... Let the drum roll ya...
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15. Kak Noor of Noor's Own Diary

Btw if I miss your name, don't be shy ya.... please do not hesitate to receive the award too.... mcm saya....hihihihi... bak kata Kak Dee "you are as great as the rest". Betoi dak Kak Dee? Betoii!!!

p.s. An award a day makes me floating on air!


  1. Wahh,terima kasih kak rosh. dah lama tak dpt award ni :)suka,suka:D

  2. ....suka juga.....ghegheghegheghe

  3. Thanks for accepting d award. U deserve it gals! :D

  4. Tq rosh ...sorry la lambat ambik award ni ....